Awesome Breaking Bad Mini Episodes You Might've Missed

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Hey there. Newest episodes of Breaking Bad got you down? It's OK. Let's take a minute to look back on happier times earlier in the show. Not just any moments, mind: let's talk about the mini-episodes that you may never have watched at all.


Not only are they often hilarious—which we might need, given how harsh the latest episodes of Breaking Bad are—they're also curious to look at given everything that's happened since then. This minisode about Hank kind of cheating on Marie, for example? Look at the contrast in suit colors between the two men. Look at how Walter tells Hank that it's okay to break bad so long as you get back on the right path. And look at how Hank agrees!

We see this sort of foreshadowing in the main show, too. I'm reminded, for example, of a scene in season one where Hank and Walt are playing poker with their family. The game becomes a showdown between both men, and Walt goes all in. Hank folds, and then we find out that sure, Walt won, but...he was bluffing. His hand was crap. That's one of many interactions between both men that is curious to re-examine after watching the latest episode in the series...but, okay, back to the other minisodes.


Here's one bedroom scene between Hank and Marie...don't worry, nothing sexual actually happens (but there is a dude in his underwear, handcuffed to a bed). Things go wrong, but it's still flippin' hilarious—Hank just can't let go that Marie isn't being SUPER AUTHENTIC with her roleplay in bed.

Okay, sure, it's funny to watch these minisodes, but also kind of sad if you stop and think about how things have changed since then. Ah well. There are more!

Remember Badger? Here he is, trying to 'help' Walt break into an old lady's house. Really. It's the sort of thing that makes earlier seasons feel like an entirely different universe.

Speaking of Badger, did you know that both him and Jesse had a band? And that Jesse plays the drums? Or, well, uh. "Play" may be...charitable.

Aww, Jesse. Poor kid. Ridiculous imagination, too. I mean, what in the world is this?

Ha. And one final note here: there are also a number of minisodes revolving around Saul, which kind of give me hope that a spin-off thing just following Saul could actually work. I mean, it'd probably be way different than Breaking Bad itself, but that's not such a bad thing.

Alrighty. Ready to brave the newest episode of Breaking Bad now? Wanna watch more minisodes? Check out the AMC website here.

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