I’d managed to resist the allure of Funco’s Mystery Minis series up until I saw boxes with the Heroes of the Storm logo on them this weekend at Momocon. Curse you, tiny Queen of Blades.

Retailing for around $7.99, Funco’s Mystery Minis are blind boxed figures based on popular entertainment properties like Frozen (which my wife collects), Hello Kitty (which my wife collects) and Nightmare Before Christmas (which my wife collects). What blind boxed means is you’re going to wind up with four or five doubles before you complete the set. We have so many Hello Kitty ghosts. Soooo many.

Luckily the first wave of Heroes of the Storm figures only has 12 figures, each packed one per box, so if you find an unopened case for $75 at Momocon, you get all of them without worrying about doubles.

From World of Warcraft we have the Lich King Arthas, the undead scourge that is Stitches, and Elite Level 90 Tauren in-joke.


Diablo II gives us the man himself, the Witch Doctor Nazeebo and Angel McNoFace.


By far my favorite trio of the group, StarCraft II is represented by Nova, Nancy Kerrigan and Raynor, who does not give a fuck. Look at that face. There are no fucks there.

Finally we have the variants. All American No-Fucks Raynor, Not Very Good At Stealth Nova and Chef Stiches.


I love these stupid little things, representing my favorite characters in super-deformed fashion. They’re not perfect, but they’ll hold me over until the NECA figures show up.

Now if I can avoid the table full of League of Legends vinyl toys I might make it through this convention with a little dignity left in my wallet.