...and here's the few seconds of footage I took while recording that video.

You probably want to see a little more footage than that. Here's nearly four minutes of random gameplay from the Wii U version of Injustice: Gods Among Us. This clip was uploaded directly from the 357MB capture file to YouTube, or else I would have edited out the bit where I died to look better in your eyes.

And then there's streaming. I've a feeling I am going to regret doing this, but I'm going to spend the hour after this article is posted streaming live via Twitch.tv. I am a complete novice at streaming so if the video quality is horrible, blame me and not the device. At the very least you'll get to hear me talking for an hour — the software supports a voiceover mic, and will even record the mic audio as a separate file for editing goodness.


Update: The stream is over! Thanks for watching.

Watch live video from bunnyspatial on www.twitch.tv


The Live Gamer Portable or its internal cousin aren't the end-all, be-all of video capture and streaming. There are people that spend a couple thousand dollars are their equipment, tweaking the settings to perfection, making sure every aspect of their broadcast/video is as high quality as it can possibly be.

Available on Amazon for $179,99, the Live Gamer Portable might not the first capture solution professionals turn to, but for folks like me that just want sharp, high resolution video without hassle, it's pretty much perfect. With its ability to quickly snag footage from an HDMI source without requiring a PC, this little wonder is never leaving my side.


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