Average Reviews Mean No Second Helping Of Alpha Protocol

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Fans hoping to experience the further adventures of Agent Michael Thornton will be sorely disappointed, as Sega West president Mike Hayes reveals that a sub-70 Metacritic average and slow sales rule out the chance for an Alpha Protocol sequel.


Alpha Protocol was a solid action role-playing game, but its more glaring flaws brought it to its knees, netting it a Metacritic review average in the mid-60's on consoles (the PC version scores a little more than 70.) According to Mike Hayes, speaking to CVG, this isn't enough of a score to warrant a second look at Obsidian's spy game. After pointing out the game's low sales, Hayes explains.

"The concept was brilliant, though," he added. "You know this whole thing with Metacritic where you have to be in the high 70s to mid-80s minimum [to have any success] - well, with RPGs you have got to be in the late 80s. Whilst we had a good game, I don't think we had a game that had enough to get us to that upper echelon and I think that was the issue. "

Why the difference between RPGs and other genres? Hayes says it's because role-playing games are such large and involved projects, the investment needed to produce them is that much bigger.

Don't cry too much for developer Obsidian Entertainment. With Fallout: New Vegas and Dungeon Siege 3 in the works, there won't be time to mourn.

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I thought this was selling well. I've been thinking about picking it up but was waiting for the usual, 3 weeks old, $39.99 sale/giftcard at Target or whereever. Never saw it, only $59 everywhere. Even on my goozex queue its solid at 1000 pts with a long wait. Usually, when all those coincide it means there's solid demand for a title. Even with games like AC2 and ME2, you could find it discounted in the first month. Guess not in this case. Too bad, it looked like it had the potential to be fun despite the luke warm reviews. I'll still probably pick it up eventually.