Avengers Patch 1.3.3 Eliminates Some Of The Game's Biggest Nuisances

Never visiting this woman again.
Never visiting this woman again.
Screenshot: Square Enix / Kotaku

Along with planting the seeds for new story content with the addition of a new remote S.H.I.E.L.D. outpost, tomorrow’s patch 1.3.3 for Marvel’s Avengers does away with several annoyances players have been complaining about since day one. For example, it adds remote faction terminals to outposts, increases the radius in which items are automatically picked up, and makes A.I. companions more likely to do something, anything goddammit.


For bored players eager for new content, this isn’t a major update, but it’s certainly a start. It adds S.H.I.E.L.D. Substation Zero Outpost to the Pacific Northwest, a new hub where players will meet new characters and experience new narratives and content, such as the new Tachyon Rifts, special missions for characters over power level 140 where they’ll be able to earn their first Cosmic Gear. Tachyon Rifts drain player health over time, but charge Heroic energy faster. Sounds tense and dramatic.

But the real drama comes from the less beefy patch notes. Here are a few that should make players very, very happy. Every single one of the following bullet points, pulled directly from the patch notes, is a win, especially those remote faction terminals. No more spending a minute loading into one faction hub, gathering missions, and then loading another minute into another faction hub. Screw that.

  • Remote faction terminals have been added to outposts, which allow collection of faction assignments and villain sector bounties without the need to visit each faction coordinator in person.
  • Extended pickup radius for reward drops. The ability to preview cosmetic vendor items. Option to scale subtitle/closed caption text size.
  • Closed Captions will no longer be automatically displayed in cinematics when subtitles are displayed.
  • Movement speed increased in outposts when in Avengers Initiative.
  • AI companion improvements, including assistance when the player needs to be revived.
  • Improved Mega Hive rewards. They now are guaranteed to give two exclusive exotic gear items and an increased amount of upgrade modules upon completion.

There’s some great stuff in the full patch notes, found here, worth celebrating as well. I can’t wait to see how “tuned” the “Tuned heroic drain inflicted by SPIN Drones” is. No one likes SPIN drones. Nothing like having your heroic power drained just as you’re about to pull off a life-saving super move. Gah.

We’ll see how much better Avengers is tomorrow when patch 1.3.3 drops everywhere but Stadia.

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I continue to be very happy that I decided to wait to play this game on PS5.