To compensate for the stickiness of control pads and the low resolution of televisions, video games that involve shooting have long employed the use of automatic aiming. It's a luxury about to be enjoyed by real soldiers in the field.

Last week, the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency awarded Lockheed Martin a $6.9 million contract to continue development of the company's One-Shot Program, a research project begun in 2007 that aims to develop an advanced sniper scope that is able to calculate things like crosswinds, GPS location, range to target, temperature and even humidity and almost instantly update the sights to ensure an "automatic" kill.

Spooky stuff, but also very real; Lockeed Martin will have 15 test units ready for delivery to the US military soon, with 100 more to follow if things go well.

[Military & Aerospace, via Neatorama]