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Stacie Ponder is a writer, artist, gamer, and swamp hag best known for her long-running horror blog Final Girl ( and her love of pizza.
Aug 22 2018

My roommate has a copy of this that we played together ten years ago. I wanted to revisit it as this game pops into my mind every now and then. Very memorable game due to the sexual under- and over-tones. I want to see if I would consider it problematic myself, as like you said overtly it seems to be a typical game Read more

Jul 13 2018

I think you’ve offered up a very well-written, very kind obituary to Friday the 13th: The Game. Read more

Jul 1 2018
2 currently in my third year, first playthrough.....and..... i dont know if i can continue playing this game the same way ever again.... especaily since the wizard does say that his ex wife now spends her days roaming the countryside cursing hapless villagers. Now when i go into town i’ll think im walking into a Read more

Jun 30 2018

I’m not going to lie, I love Emily. There’s a few reasons for that — mainly that I feel she’s too easy to hate, almost cartoonishly over the top so. In contrast everyone else (who do MANY scummy things, including Jess, who seems was the brains behind the prank that set this all off) who get off super easily/have their Read more

Jun 29 2018

I got her crushed in the rock grinder by mistake, but honestly, after finding her insufferable up until then, I didn’t feel bad!

Jun 29 2018

I’m with you on the jump scare nonsense; it’s such a cheap way of generating fear. Read more

Jun 29 2018

Something like this would make me finally find a personal reason to buy a VR headset. I’d really go for the horror stuff. And by horror I mean something like this or the lost holy grail that was Silen Hills PT.... not that stupid jump scare crap like FNAF.

May 2 2018

I left the Evangelical tradition after the election of 45, when it became clear to me that nobody believed a damn word of the holy book they claimed to be central to their life. Still a Christian, but not Evangelical. Read more

May 2 2018

I really appreciate that you took the time to parse out the nuance and complexity evident in Faith’s character. She really is trying to be all things to all people—but I stop short of according her the level of sympathy you’re showing here, for three reasons:

First and foremost, even if she’s now clean, she’s actively Read more

Apr 26 2018

I’m actually a little bit disappointed - when I saw Silent Hill in the thumbnail, I came down here ready for a rumble. Easily the best film adaptation of a video game, period (not counting animation), and I will fight for it’s honor. Read more

Apr 4 2018

It was great how the REmake played with expectations of that hallway.

Feb 28 2018

I’ve never seen someone be so completely, absolute, horrifically wrong about something. Read more

Feb 28 2018

2015: Carol.

Blows my mind how it wasn’t.