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thank you for being the illuminati that controls my career, john. can’t wait to see you at the next place, too

just read all the comments on this post, and man, you’re all wonderful. sincerely: it has been an absolute honor <3

I’m as surprised as you are

It’s his math, not mine! I’m a reporter, not an accountant, and I do not trust myself to know his finances better than he does. That said, I do intend to interview him after this is all over, and I will absolutely press him on the real total, because I have a feeling that no matter what, it will differ pretty Read more

I agree! I touch on the eating stuff pretty extensively in the post. When I came up with the headline, I think I was envisioning “doesn’t care” doing more heavy lifting than it did. I wanted to get across that eating isn’t a matter of life and death in the game, but also it’s been a(nother) hectic day here at G/O Read more

yeah, it’s gonna take at least a year--probably more

lmao, good solution. there are surprisingly few problems that can’t be solved by digging a big hole

aw, thank you! I should take pictures while in agony more often, clearly

this is a tremendous bummer, but yeah, this is definitely the most likely outcome

whoaaaaaaaa slow down. what could you possibly have against waluigi??? he is the human embodiment of the concept of Doing His/Her/Their Best. waluigi is all of us

this is incredibly sweet! thank you so much for writing this comment. it is not an exaggeration to say that seeing stuff like this every once in a while is enough to keep me from succumbing to the terrible morass of negativity that is the internet all year long

probably, but was she also the oft-underestimated heroine of the legend of zelda, a character who’s been on the verge of snapping for years due to the fact that her name is in the dang title, and yet she barely ever gets to be a real character, let alone a hero? Read more

fair, but I like to live my life one scary day at a time

I lost an enormous amount of progress in ffix due to a power outage when I was, like, 11, and I still haven’t finished it. it did turn me into a habitual over-saver, though. is saving 2-3 times every ten minutes too much? probably. but you can never be too safe, because you never know when the power might go out and Read more

I extremely agree with this! almost all dodging and rolling in games is bad. the only good dodge I’ve encountered all year is hades’ dash, which does take precedence over basically everything and, as a result, feels incredible

that part does suck! I generally try to have some form of deflect by then, though, so it’s not a huge chore. but if that doesn’t pan out for me, then yeah, the witches are a nightmare and I rage at them until they’re dead

did a quick thread about this on twitter that felt a bit too speculative for a proper kotaku dot com post, but it might help give you an idea of how this benefits twitch Read more

riley is dutifully editing an inhumanly large portion of everything that runs on the site due to, well, if you follow kotaku/go media closely enough to notice that riley doesn’t post much, you probably know. I wish he got to post more too!!