Seung Park
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1/08/19 5:00PM

Did you know in the room immediately before them you can slash up at the ceiling and get into a hidden area above, and attack the rope for one of the candelabra?  It causes it to fall and then you only have to fight one knight instead of two.  Don’t feel bad about that fight because their attack pattern is extremely Read more

12/13/18 11:47AM

That's a really wonderful song. Even though I don't speak any Korean, I enjoy these videos. Thanks.

11/01/18 10:06AM

All the best k-pop groups ended like all at the same time, one after the other :(

I haven’t been able to get into any other groups since 2NE1, 4minute,Sistar, MissA, Wonder girls, etc all disbanded.

I do like Blackpink but for some reason, it’s not the same :(

10/04/18 2:18AM

Just here to thank you for your column. I find it really interesting. Have been reading it for a long time but never commented until now.
Thanks to you I have discovered various songs and groups that are now on my everyday playlist.
Orange caramel became kind of an obsession: for a month I only listened to their songs Read more

9/10/18 11:44AM

I’m happier that they tried. This is something you see in some modern Batman stories and that at least fuels more of the critique around James Bond these days, as people look at the questionable elitist fantasies inherent in these characters. Read more

9/10/18 9:21AM

Yeah, sounds like they should have held back on the moral quandaries when the subject in question is basically a central gameplay mechanic. Read more

8/03/18 6:52AM

Emotional Jung Yong Hwa. <3 I fell in love with his character in You Are Beautiful and discovered CNBLUE when I watched Heartstrings a few weeks later. While my first KPop Track was Unbreakable by B. A. P., CNBLUE was the first band I actually followed until I ditched Facebook. Thank you for posting this. Great way to Read more