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There is and there isn’t. Watch Dogs has an interesting set of systems at play but rarely provides interesting situations to put them to use, and sometimes works against itself. Read more

So, Nathan on the Kotaku crew reached out to them about the dildo bit and we were told: Read more

UGH I’m so upset you’re not seeing it. Tonight I want you to literally comb every inch of Night City and report back with a dildo count. Read more

How could you not comment on it?? They’re everywhere!! Seriously, that one on the radio tower was like...WTF why is this here?? Read more

It’s an oddly quiet holiday release window, right? I mean, we’ve had big hitters like Assassins’ Creed, Watch Dogs Legion, CoD Black Ops, and that’s just within the last month! Plus new consoles, etc., etc. It’s great that stellar games from smaller studios have had a big cultural impact on the industry though, like Read more

The first time you meet a certain story character you have a full on chat next to a holographic stripper. I was like...how can you concentrate on me with this thing here? I mean, hey, if that’s what you need to have a serious talk, I suppose I’ll humor you. Read more

You know, just a few dillys here and there. And there. And over there, too. Oh and I forgot this one over here. Read more

Same here! Playing it pre-release, there were multiple times I went to pop open Google and look stuff up, but obviously couldn’t. And I loved that! Read more

Haha, my wife said the same thing when she watched this for the first time! Should’ve had her watch a rough cut first. WELP, now I know! Read more

Thank you for the kind words, James! I’m so glad everyone is enjoying watching it as much as I did putting it together. Read more

It seems we have similar tastes! I found myself enjoying “Life is Strange” less as it went on, but I appreciated it overall. I thought “Tell Me Why” was a really strong title, and an improvement on LiS in almost all aspects, though to be fair it has been many years since I played LiS so I may have selective memory. Read more

Ari, what model router is that on the top right shelf of your entertainment center?
Read more

That’s quite a treasure! Those are awesome pieces of gaming history to have. I’m right there with you, I wouldn’t open them, and I’d probably spend too much time looking at them. Read more

Woah! I hadn’t heard the theme song in 1-bit, that’s so cool. Really makes you appreciate the 1-bit version when you hear the orchestral arrangement. Read more

That’s fair! You know, until you said it was hung up on being meta I hadn’t even remembered how prevalent that was in the story. I guess those bits really didn’t stick with me. I dug the quirky characters and some of the banter back and forth, I have little snapshots of conversations in my head to go along with the Read more

Ah damn, it’s the worst when an ending falls flat, it can sour an otherwise enjoyable experience. I hope you’re able to remember the good parts of that game when you think back on it. Would you say you’re luke-warm on a future title from the studio / Gilbert? Read more

I played SO much Still Life back in the day... If I’m remembering correctly, it was the first game I pirated when I discovered that little trick as a broke youngin’. I felt very righteous when I picked up a physical copy from Best Buy after enjoying it so much (and by I picked up that should read as “made my father Read more