Jason Schreier
News editor. Author of Blood, Sweat, and Pixels.

Welcome back, Jason.... or should I say, Report From Bloomberg. Read more

Is this the first time you’ve interacted with print media?


Excerpting books for enticement is decades old.

But you never left Hotel Kotakunia...

I mean, if you’re just here to delay more games... :)

Got my copy in the mail yesterday. Looking forward to reading it.

I remember when I was younger and I didn’t give a second thought to how video games were made, or the ordeals and struggles developers would go through to get these products into my hands. I just cared about having fun. Now I live for these kinds of articles, and I’m super excited to read your new book.

Coming from Read more

Welcome to Triple-Click, the only video game podcast hosted by three ex-Kotaku employees who told the Herb to shove it. Read more

Oh man the time flies. You’ve been awesome and I loved your book. I also just realized how much I’ve grown as a person in the last 8 years. Read more

“They also wanted to cut back on crunch, the ubiquitous practice of working nights and weekends to finish video games.” Read more

First, here’s the asinine ad I had to put up with in order to make this comment.

Thanks so much for your amazing work for this outlet, Jason. You’re a major reason of why I tell people who want to understand games in their full social, cultural, economic, and ideological breadth, they should read Kotaku (I even assign your features about the video game industry to my digital media course students). Read more

Good for you and best of luck, Jason. I started Suikoden II because of you, and you can see that has carried over into my display name on here. Deadspin was my favorite site on the internet, and what Spanfeller did was nothing more than hate. It wasn’t a business decision, they called him out on that, just absolute Read more

This must be the first time I interact in a public comment section since I was 19 (I am 30 now!), but I just wanted to say I greatly appreciate your work and your contribution at Kotaku will be sorely missed by this reader. I handed out your book to all of my videogame-loving friends and now we’re all waiting for the Read more

It feels weird to think about, since it was your articles about rpgs back in the 2014-ish era that brought me to the site in the first place. Never listened to Splitscreen, but I’ll definitely check out the new podcast.

Hmmmm, Government paid me bank today.
how could today go wrong?
<logs on Kotaku and sees that Jason is leaving>

Can’t say I’m surprised, or that I blame you.  Your loss will be felt, but that’s just proof of how good you are at your job.  Wishing you all the best, and will be eyeing your Twitter account for your next big story.  :)

Can we get fuck Jim Spanfeller going in honour of Jason leaving? Read more