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These do stream incredibly well, no issues for me atll BUT some games you cant save in, cant adjust the controls, for some reason the keyboard doesnt work and the games cant be catagorised under the system they’re on. Read more

This weekend I’m bringing my son with me to visit my dad, which means I’ll be giving my dad another lesson in how to play video games. Read more

Is there a real market for this kind of thing, for classic, important games getting the Criterion Collection treatment? Read more

Disgusting. I can’t believe a gaming news outlet would write about relevant gaming news involving the largest release of the year, that is so widely known even the former president of Nintendo of America is openly discussing it. The irresponsibility of this journalistic outlet to inform me, the reader, of current Read more

This has got to be my favorite Mario ranking list I’ve ever read! While personally I’d put Yoshi’s Island a bit higher and Sunshine quite a bit lower, I can tell this list is made by people who have loved Mario for a long time, and appreciate the thought that was put into it.  Read more

He took roles that might have been memorable in other hands and made them unforgettable. He was a true titan and clearly so kind. Devastating.
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No way, Zero Mission holds your hand the whole time and makes the game too easy. It’s supposed to be hard and confusing like being on an alien planet, you’re supposed to use your memory to remember which way to go and where you’ve already been, the map ruins that. Sure, the password feature is too long, but if you Read more

I don’t think that’s it. There’s got to be some Other Metroid game we’re missing...but baby, I just can’t think of it. Read more

Now, however, a protagonist who is imbued with ancient magic, ostensibly chosen because of their valor, can cast those curses with ease? Make it make sense! Read more

This was a really compelling review! It’s really cool to about a newcomer’s experience to the series, and to be reminded about about how non-male-friendly that era of gaming was.
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Now I want a prequel all about Mario and Luigi as struggling small business owners in Brooklyn and Queens. Read more

I think the end was especially sad because despite what Joel said earlier about how when you’re a kid nobody is relying on you, Ellie clearly felt like Sam was relying on her and feels guilty for letting him down :( yeah this was depressing as hell. The bloater was cool though :P Read more

That’s a great read of her character. I don’t necessarily agree(yet), but I can totally see the direction a character like that can get them on this show.
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Just want to give a shoutout to Melanie Lynskey, who’s been a fixture in some of my favorite media since Heavenly Creatures in 1994.

Kathleen, she gives off an attitude of almost naive innocence, which clashes so intensely with the ruthlessness of her actions.
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I’m with you on this. 48, wife and three kids but I loved this episode. It made me want to care (even) more about the people I love.  Read more

“In 2021, Activision Blizzard’s annual revenue amounted to 8.8 billion U.S. dollars.” - Read more

This episode is the perfect example of what an adaptation should be. it doesn’t need to be 1 for 1 and shouldn’t be. Take what works, fix what doesn’t, and take risks when you think you have something really good.
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Reading all of the hate online about this episode really makes me cringe. I thought it was the best one of the series so far, and I’m a 49-year-old white married cis male that thinks the relationship between Bill and Frank over this “long long time” absolutely brought the story even further. The performances were Read more