Brian Ashcraft
Originally from Texas, Ashcraft has called Osaka home since 2001. He has authored six books, including most recently, The Japanese Sake Bible.
Mar 30

Hard disagree.

I’m an Indian who was raised in the Middle East and now lives in America, and I 100% don’t let my feet or the underside of my shoes touch anything that is supposed to be respected in Indian culture; the most common example being Books. I was taught from an early age not to let my books (school or Read more

Mar 4

i dont care for pikachu but the kyogre lure is nice. makes me wanna go fishing...or take a bath

Oct 26

I get Korea’s issues with Japan but this seems a little unreasonable. It’s a symbol that doesn’t really look like anything, and a shrine that Japanese people still pay respect to. If they don’t like the content packs then they could just not buy them.

Jul 29

These are massively overpriced, even by most pre-built system standards. 

Jul 29

For that price the specs are ridiculous. As expected. Check price lists of small PC shops and you will get the exact same specs as the C300 for 500$ less.

Jul 1

Those carts are a menace. I would have been surprised if they made goal.

Jun 16

As someone who makes 3D models of humanoid mechs, I can tell you that making one this flexible while still retaining the robot look is a feat of engineering. It’s extremely hard to make limbs that have such a range of articulation when you have a crap load of rigid armor than can’t bend. Read more

May 20

In America, Ramune bottles would be 1 liter and the glass bead would weigh half a pound. 

May 15

....And THEN he will retire. Really! For real really, real! Really! 

May 1

You’d think video games of all hobbies would normally lend itself to people staying indoors.  Isn’t there virtual stuff that people could be grinding for, like shinies or something?

Apr 28

I’m more curious about the world textures. Those images make it hard to tell if the world will look like low res like the Wii game. Which for the Wii was okay, but higher quality textures for the whole world would be nice.