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Ashley Bardhan
Staff writer in New York, previously at Inverse, Pitchfork, Mel Magazine, etc. I like Final Girls and psychedelia.

the ads on this site are ugly and the user interface is awful. i’m gonna buy re2 though how about u Read more

certainly! looks like a good product imo but i probably won’t be getting it, i’d prefer a better battery  Read more

two things, 1. i think it’s worth acknowledging that i’d be more annoyed about performance issues had i paid $60 and not received a review copy 2. things should be expensive to compensate workers well and fairly, but most of a video games’ $60 is not going to the people that made it (as far as i know).

i’d love to see Read more

really? minutes long loading times, jumpscare ads, and generally unusable UI is my favorite kind of reader experience /s/s/s/s/s/s Read more

i! that’s why i said “i wish”! villain or antihero protagonists are cool but imo they need to give you SOMETHING to care about or at least understand to make their story worth it... everyone on succession is an asshole but i can still see what makes them human beings, so i keep watching. it’s cool if u Read more

lmao thank you, i thought it was clear this article is mostly a shitpost (rly hoping no one takes my invoking columbus seriously) but i could always use more money to deal w disgruntled gamers, so if the media gods are listening.....! Read more

i mean he’s a rooster teeth cofounder and so his image will always be associated with the company, but mainly his is one of few relevant photos available on getty lol Read more

lol i have had plenty of moments like this T_T love this game so far, so it’s frustrating! glad you were able to power through Read more

tyvm :) luckily the acting is still lovely but it is kind of jarring to hear the difference haha Read more