One of many titles banned in Australia last year due to a rather wonky classification system, Konami's Silent Hill: Homecoming has now been granted a rating of MA15+, clearing it for launch.

As we've touched on in previous stories, Australia's game classification stops at MA15+, lacking the R18+ rating that particularly violent films are afforded. Seeing as Silent Hill: Homecoming isn't exactly children's fare it was originally deemed too violent and graphic for an MA15+, which in effect banned the game from release in the country. Now an update to the Classification Board's website dated yesterday indicates the title has now been given the MA15+ rating, and therefor may see the shining light of those lovely Australian store shelves.


Now word on what if any cuts were made to the game to garner the new rating. I just think it's silly that a country filled with bears that drop out of trees to eat unsuspecting foreigners would be concerned with video game violence at all.

Silent Hill: Homecoming unbanned in Australia [GameStop]

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