Australian Silent Hill: Homecoming Ban Lifted

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One of many titles banned in Australia last year due to a rather wonky classification system, Konami's Silent Hill: Homecoming has now been granted a rating of MA15+, clearing it for launch.

As we've touched on in previous stories, Australia's game classification stops at MA15+, lacking the R18+ rating that particularly violent films are afforded. Seeing as Silent Hill: Homecoming isn't exactly children's fare it was originally deemed too violent and graphic for an MA15+, which in effect banned the game from release in the country. Now an update to the Classification Board's website dated yesterday indicates the title has now been given the MA15+ rating, and therefor may see the shining light of those lovely Australian store shelves.

Now word on what if any cuts were made to the game to garner the new rating. I just think it's silly that a country filled with bears that drop out of trees to eat unsuspecting foreigners would be concerned with video game violence at all.


Silent Hill: Homecoming unbanned in Australia [GameStop]

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They most probably didn't edit the game in any way. It's just that when you appeal a 'refused classification' result your game goes to the Classification Review Board which is a different bunch of dudes who actually play what they're classifying unlike the OFLC who just go off the blurb on the back of the box and that tingly feeling they get in their bones when they look at it...