Australia Gets The Strangest Damn 360 Bundle You'll Ever See

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We know Microsoft have gone bundle mad in Europe this Christmas, but until now, Australia had been spared. Until now. Take a look at Microsoft's "See, Hear & Play" bundle for the Australasian market. For AUD$329 (USD$214), you get an Arcade 360, a copy of iNiS' Lips, a copy of Sega Superstars Tennis and...A Pussycat Dolls DVD. Oh, and a Pussycat Dolls album as well. I promise you, this is a real, genuine product. Scoff all you want - and I know you're scoffing - but while scoffing, bear in mind that AUD$329 is AUD$71 cheaper than a Wii.

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If you're interested in Lips and have a way to get a cheap 360 hard drive, then that actually sounds like a pretty good bundle. Could always just Ebay off that Pussycat merch if you aren't into them.