Subtle, beautiful, and unflinchingly consistent in quality, The Land Before Time Tridecology (or triskaidecalogy if you will), chronicles the journey of several dinosaurs as they grapple with time, race, death, fate, and the human (reptile) condition. Truly an unmissable set that only improves with each entry, these 13 Land Before Time Films demand inclusion in your DVD collection like so many longnecks trying to play with three horns. $39. [Amazon]

The Audio-Technica ATH-M35s were previously listed as one one the "best deals in tech" by Gizmodo Editorial, and today they're available for an all-time low price of $49, which makes them an even better deal... in tech... and in general.

Last Day Bioshock Triple Pack | $12

Here's Gravity for $17 on blu-ray. Here are Several Reasons Why Gravity Is Amazing (That You May Not Have Already Heard). [Amazon]

Act early to get the Veronica Mars movie on blu-ray for just $15. [Amazon]

Priced at an extremely competitive $699, Samsung's new 28" 4K monitor packs in two HDMI 1.4 ports, a Displayport, and audio out, all while leaving a very small footprint on your desk. It also has a "picture-in-picture" mode which allows you to plug in two computers and see both video feeds by dividing the screen in half. [Amazon]

You can still get the Xbox One Titanfall Bundle for $450 with promo code XIAMAZON. If Titanfall isn't your cup of tea, the same code will work on the "standard" model, bundled with Forza 5. [Amazon]

Titanfall Xbox One Bundle | $450 | Promo Code XIAMAZON

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug 3D Limited Edition Collector's Gift Set | $64 | use code RETAILME20HE

Seinfeld complete series | $56

Fill out your Blu-ray collection today at Best Buy, where you can pick up select Blu-rays for $8, or three for $20. The selection isn't enormous, but it's a nice mix of recent releases and old classics. For the DVD-inclined, you can pick out three for $10 as well.

Pick Three Blu-rays for $20

Pick Three DVDs for $10

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