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Attack on Titan Inspired Action Game Looks Dope

Illustration for article titled iAttack on Titan/i Inspired Action Game Looks Dopeem/em

Extinction is a fast-paced game where you parkour and maneuver through the air, trying to dismember giants with your blade. Instead of titans, you’ve got ogres. Naturally, these beasts hate humans and you’re the only thing standing in their way.


Developer Derek Neal gives us a short walkthrough of some pre-alpha extinction footage below. While the game is still in the early stages, what we can see thus far seems promising:

The fantasy story is kinda what you’d expect: ogres threaten to wipe humans out, and you can’t let that happen. The real draw here is the gameplay. You’ve got an array of combos and dodges for the small fry, which seems fun enough. Bigger baddies require more tactics, as you have to chip off armor and limbs before pulling off finishing blows. Ogres come equipped with different types of gear and abilities that they can use to crush you. If you take too long to take something down, the ogre might just regrow its limbs. 0r, you might start getting attacked by other creatures while traversing the monster.

Extinction will release in early 2018, for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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Is this claim that the gameplay is inspired by Attack on Titan something that the developers have commented on, or is it merely an assertion via internet comments?

As someone who watches AoT I certainly see the parallels, but they are quite broad stroke, and in the context of a video game this process of weakening the boss to ultimately deliver the killing blow in a revealed weak spot? That’s so commonplace that I’d be hard-pressed to point at this and say “Aha! Shingeki!”