Japanese anime Attack on Titan has a powerful anime opening—it's something Kotaku has covered before. But imagine something else for a minute. Something like...Attack on Coke.

This video, courtesy of tipster Sang, is called "Attack on Coke". Edited by a Korean fan of Attack on Titan, the parody sure is interesting! It features re-cut footage from a spec ad another YouTuber user uploaded last fall.


In South Korea, there's at least another one of these giant food parodies: "Attack on Crucian Carp". The clip features a snack called "taiyaki" in Japanese and "carp bread" in Korean. The parody uses re-edited footage from this viral spot for an ice cream version of the fish-shaped snack. The re-cut, Attack on Titan parody version is better than the viral original, I think!


진격의 콜라 [하프@YouTube]

Shingeki no crucian carp [ACIDzNET@YouTube Thanks, Sang]

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