Having a hard time finding a copy of Demon's Souls, now that the game has shipped to retail and positive word of mouth is helping the innovative PS3 game find an audience? Don't worry, says Atlus. They're working on it.

The Atlus elves are said to be slaving away in the Blu-ray disc workshop, issuing more Demon's Souls to good little video game retailers as of this week. What won't be coming this week (or ever!) is the limited Deluxe Edition of the game and its accompanying strategy guide, a pre-order exclusive that looks like it may remain that way. Atlus says it's out of print, never to return from the printing Nexus.

Finally, a word about our own Demon's Souls review, since you've been asking. Yes, we have a copy. No, we're not done yet. Have you heard that Demon's Souls is soul-crushingly hard? And that Kotaku reviews strive to complete games before they're run? There's your answer.

It's coming. Just as soon as we muster up the gaming wherewithal to finish the damned thing. Your opinions are, of course, welcome in the comments.