Atlus Won't Talk Much about the Next Persona...Yet

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For a while now, it's been common knowledge that Atlus is making Persona 5. In a recent interview on, Atlus game designer Katsura Hashino briefly (and I mean briefly) mentioned the next, numbered Persona.


When asked about the latest in the Persona series, Hashino replied, "We're making progress on developing the next numbered Persona."

That, of course, would seem to be Persona 5.

After being asked for more details, Hashino said, "We're not at the same where we can talk, but when the time comes, we'll reveal details, so please wait for that."

Back in 2010, Hashino told Dengeki PlayStation they were "preparing to start work" on the next Persona. "I want to add things that are being expected of the series," Hashino said. "I also want to change things that can be changed within those boundaries."

This past August, Hashino added that the team submitted illustrations and made progress on Persona 5.


サイエンス作家 竹内薫氏×アトラス橋野桂氏 『ペルソナ4』スペシャル対談をお届け! [ファミ通]

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Persona 3, and particularly Persona 4, were my favourite RPGs for years. Probably since Final Fantasy IX. Really, really great games.

I hope they don't do anything too radical to the formula. I love the social links. I love getting to know all the characters. I love the music. Going to class and then going out for food on the night. Passing exams. All these great things that help make the world feel real. It really makes you connect with the place and care about the outcome of the story.

I also want to post the obligitory "I wish they'd release P4: The Golden on PS3 because I'm not buying a Vita but I really want it" post.