Last year, there was concern about Atlus. Its parent company, Index Corporation, was in a pickle, and the Atlus brand ended up in Sega's hands. But Atlus is no longer simply a brand. Atlus is back!

As a company, Atlus ceased to exist as a registered corporation in Japan a few years back. On paper, Atlus existed as "Index Corporation." Even though "Atlus" was only a brand in Japan, its game developers continued to proudly carry the Atlus banner, creating brilliant games.

However, starting April 1, Atlus will once again be a registered company in Japan. In an official release, Sega announced it was dividing its consolidated subsidiary into two entities: a solutions company named Index and a game company named Atlus. Both will be fully owned by Sega.

April 1 is when the financial year begins in Japan. This is not a joke.

This latest decision shows that Sega isn't only serious about Atlus as a brand, but also serious about Atlus as a company.


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