Atlus' Fake Rock Of Ages Ripoff Gathers No Moss

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If a game company is going to do something silly for April Fools' Day, we might as well all get a free game out of it, right? Today Atlus accuses developer ACE Team stole the idea for action-strategy game Rock of Ages and used it to make a 2D game that you can play right now.

Rock of Ages is a gorgeous strategic action game coming to the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade later this year. Pebble of Time is not. It's a more of a Marble Madness game, with fans and explosives standing between your boulder and the enemy king.

Atlus says ACE Team stole the idea, but it's also April first. Besides, it's silly to think a developer would steal ideas from a game it is developing. Embrace the absurdity of it all and head over to the Pebble of Time website to download your own copy of the game. It's rather entertaining, says the previous hour of my day.

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Uhhh ...

The fake story is that an independent developer is accusing both Atlus and ACE Team of stealing his idea. Thus, as retaliation, he released Pebble of Time for free so as to dissuade folks from buying Rock of Ages.