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Atlus gears up to deliver an innovative mix of role-playing and strategy this June with Knights in the Nightmare for the Nintendo DS, a game that promises energetic action mixed with thought-provoking tactical gameplay.


If it sounds complicated, it gets even more complicated. According to the official press release, Knights in the Nightmare incorporates aspects of strategy role-playing, real-time strategy, and shooter games into one tiny package. Players control a wisp that reawakens the souls of long-dead knights in an effort to revitalize a long-dead kingdom. The wisp flies about the screen, bringing the dead back to life to do battle as bullets fly in all directions. From the description, it sounds either like a whole lot of fun or a whole lot of confusion.

However the game ends up playing, Atlus guarantees a whole lot of replayability, with more than 100 player characters to recruit and the chance to play the whole thing over as the game's antagonist once you've finished.


Feel free to try and decipher the action in the screens below in order to possibly gain some insight into what exactly is going on in Knights in the Nightmare, due out June 2nd for the Nintendo DS.

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