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Atari Jaguar Getting New Game This Year

The Atari Jaguar was a flop. Though, despite being discontinued in 1996, the console continues to get lovely made games from indie devs. Never say die!


The latest game is Mad Bodies, a Breakout-style shooter. The game's developer Force Design worked on this title for six years — something even more remarkable when you consider that the Jaguar had already been discontinued for eight years.

The humorous title boasts 10 stages, digital speech samples and multiple power-ups and weapons. Priced at US$80, the game features "oversized plastic clamshell case with full color cover and cartridge label, and a semi-gloss, black and white instruction manual."


Pricey, sure, but we're assuming that this is the best new Jaguar game that will be released this year — next year, too. We don't know about the year after that, though. That year is wide open.

New Jaguar Game Announced: Mad Bodies [GameSetWatch]

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Sure is looking Game boy advance there Jaguar.

Why was it ever considered 64 bits? It may have been that technically but it isn't like they ever used it. And what the heck was with that controller? Though I always wanted to play that Aliens game for it. Only good game it had.