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September is turning out to be a hell of a month. A hurricane is heading for my homestead, my dental appointment got pushed to the morning after the Atari event and Atari fell the day after the Guitar Hero event I’m not allowed to talk about until next week. Which happens to be right when I start Stanford. I’m going to go suck on a bunch of ice cubes to still the raging throb of agony that is my mouth and then call my mom. Here’s everything I got out of Atari...Alone in the Dark on PS3 – If It’s Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It Hands On: Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World – Gah! Too Many Colons! Hands On: What’s Cooking? With Jamie Oliver Hands On: Dragon Ball Origins DS Hands On: RACE Pro Hands On: Backyard Football 09 Have a good (dry) weekend!

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