Atari Founder's Restaurant Is Not So Good

The idea of restaurant uWink sounds great: Arcade meets bar. Ironic because American arcades started in bars! Even more ironic because the guy who founded uWink, Nolan Bushnell, kick started American video game arcades with Atari's PONG. uWink is outfitted with flatscreen TVs that patrons can use to order food and drinks and to play casual games. Like we said, great in concept. But as game site Multiplayer quickly found out, the ordering system was buggy, drinks didn't show up and the games kept crashing. "The meal started out entertaining enough," Multiplayer writes. Both "[We] were entranced with the touch-screen interface and the ability to peruse our lunch options as though we were playing with a giant iPhone or Nintendo DS. We were both giddy over the high-end concept behind uWink, but it all went downhill after we sent our order away." You know what would be a great idea for a restaurant and bar? Here's the pitch: Imagine an establishment with every retro Atari arcade game, greasy food and booze. Oh, and add some animatronics. Why do people always have to mess with things? Our Disastrous Visit To Atari Founder’s High-Tech Restaurant [Multiplayer]


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