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Ah, so this is why Atari went and attacked the developers of iPhone Breakout clones. Nothing sucks more than having to compete against better versions of your own product. Up now on the Apps Store are brand new versions of Atari classics Super Breakout and Missile Command, both redone with an added Xbox Live Arcade-style glossy finish. The missile command, seen above, looks particularly nice. Super Breakout, on the other hand, looks like Super Breakout, which basically amounts to all the cool clone versions Atari put a stop to without all the nifty bits that made them cool. Both games support two players as well as streaming your own music while you play. Atari calls the games "true evolutions of the original hits", and promises more to come in the near future. Both games retail for $4.99 and are available now via the App Store. Nice, but not quite for me. I've bought Missile Command too many times already, and I've always been more of an Arkanoid man. Atari fires onto App Store []


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