Atari 2600 Plus SEGA Game Gear

Recent modder trend: Cramming game machines in other game machines. It's shoehorning for shits and giggles. Case in point, this project, an Atari 2600 in a SEGA Game Gear. While not exactly sexy, it is a fitted an Atari 2600 emulator into a SEGA Game Gear shell. What it lacks in slick good looks, the modder makes up in functionality. It's possible to load actual 2600 cartridges in the portable's back slot. Dubbed the "Atari Gear 2600," the handheld can go for 7-8 hours on AA batteries. Looks aren't everything! Oh, and the guy who made this? His name is Chris Koopa. And he should really should be doing Nintendo mods, not Atari and not SEGA ones. Atari Gear [CHRIS KOOPA via Ben Heck via technabob via Gizmodo]


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