[Image: nayanyanyan]

As a kid, I remember the Chuck E. Cheese’s ball pit being fun. A new bar called Ball Pool Bar Dive in Osaka recreates that experience for boozy adults.

Earlier this year, a pop-up ball pit bar opened in San Francisco for two days. This new ball pit bar in Osaka, however, isn’t a pop-up experience, but opened this summer full-time for business.

Dive doesn’t have any tables or chairs, just a giant pit filled with over 20,000 colorful orbs for patrons to plunge into. There are all-you-can-drink rates for sixty to ninety minutes depending on the day, and the booze is served with lids so people don’t spill them in the ball pit.

Man, I hope people don’t get sick in the ball pit.




For information how to get to Ball Pool Bar Dive, check out its Tabelog page.

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