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At Least Two Sex Hotlines Survived The Last Of Us' Apocalypse

Illustration for article titled At Least Two Sex Hotlines Survived emThe Last Of Us/em Apocalypse

There are a good number of enjoyable easter eggs hidden in The Last of Us, but this one takes the grand prize. At one point in the game, Joel will come across a couple of phone numbers for "pest control." But they're not actually numbers for pest control hotlines… they're phone sex hotlines.

When tipster RevsUnlimited sent in this image, I felt almost certain he was joking. After all, they're 555 numbers, which are used for movies and are almost always fake. Aren't they?


But I called the first one anyway. 1-800-555-2545.

"Welcome to 800-666-1234," moaned a woman's voice. "Mmmmmm. We're spread, wet and ready for you right now. Come on baby, let's play!"


DANG. Okay, then! I called the second number. 1-800-555-6784.

"Welcome to America's hottest talk line!" said a bubbly, chipper female voice. "Ladies, to talk to interesting and exciting guys free, press one now! Guys, hot ladies are waiting to talk to you…"


"Pest control" indeed!


I can't say whether or not those numbers were chosen on purpose, and there's always the possibility they were photoshopped into the image, though they look real—we haven't found them for ourselves. (Update: They're definitely real. I found the sign and snapped this picture using my copy of the game.) That is a hell of an easter egg.

And hey, you don't have to take my word for it; call the numbers up top if you like! You know, just for research.

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How the hell did this tipster recognize these numbers? Who the hell randomly calls fake phone numbers from video games? It's highly suspect, this guy must be a frequent caller.