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At Least One Gamer Is Pissed At Sony For A Small, But Misleading Vita Description

Earlier this year, Kotaku reader Lewis bought a PlayStation Vita. He bought two 32 GB memory cards: one for games and applications, and the other for music.

"I figured I could use it as an mp3 player as well as a gaming console," Lewis told us. "Unfortunately, that is not the case."

As Lewis soon discovered, the product description on the Vita's 32 GB memory card isn't entirely accurate. According to the box, the card can hold over 9,000 songs:


But as Lewis points out, the Vita stopped him at 4,000 songs:


"Naturally, I contacted Sony customer support," Lewis said. "Talking to two different representatives, I was first told there was no limit, then when I was proven right they told me to buy another memory stick for the rest of the music. No help, no reason why there is this arbitrary limitation."


Sony's website confirms the restriction. You can only save 4,000 songs to use offline on your machine.

While it's true that technically the memory card could hold 32 gigabytes worth of music, this is a propriety piece of hardware—in other words, you can only use it on the Vita. So why does the memory card's product description say that you can save up to 9,136 songs? This might not be a huge deal to most customers, but for people like Lewis, who bought two memory cards just for this purpose, it's no small problem.


We reached out to Sony for an explanation two weeks ago, when we first heard Lewis's story. Sony has not gotten back to us.

Top Photo: blakespot/Flickr

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