So often in fantasy games, male characters get to wear massive, fearsome plate armor while female characters ride into battle with whole swaths of skin exposed. When it comes down to it, female fantasy armor is simply inadequate. We've even talked to a guy who makes armor professionally and had him explain the craft-related reasons risqué armor just doesn't measure up.

Apparently the folks at Riot Games feel the same way, as they've updated the League of Legends character Sejuani to wear amor that's a bit more appropriate for her icy homeland. From Riot's update description:

Sejuani's lightly-armored, skin-flaunting, fleshy apparel didn't mesh with the idea of a dominating, ice warrior. Now heavily armored atop Bristle, this visual rework clearly conveys the core of our concept for the champion. She's powerful, capable of conquering the Freljord and leading the Winter's Claw to victory.

Good show, Riot. I'm sure Sejuani will be the envy of chilly, bikini-clad woman warriors everywhere.