At 79 Years Old, Gundam Creator Yoshiyuki Tomino Is Still Competitive

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Photo: YOSHIKAZU TSUNO/AFP via Getty Images (Getty Images)

Yoshiyuki Tomino is an anime legend. At the age of 79, you might think he’s checked out, retired, and is taking it easy. You’d be wrong.


As reported on 2ch, in a recent interview on Japanese TV, Tomino talked about what keeps him going. He mentioned how giant robot shows are aimed at kids, but added, “If I still live long enough to make something new, it has to destroy Demon Slayer and crush Evangelion.”

“If you don’t think like that, “when you get over 80 years old, you can’t make TV anime,” he added with a chuckle. Otherwise, really, what’s the point?

By saying that, Tomino, who’s had an amazing career, is holding them up in respect by saying new work needs to surpass these two smash hits. (Recently, Hideaki Anno, who has tremendous respect for Gundam, mentioned that the latest Evangelion movie, a robot anime, has reached box office success than even Tomino’s creation has not yet.)

It’s great to see a talented creator like Tomino still has a competitive fire. That drive, no doubt, keeps him going. I do hope he continues to make anime well on into his 80s and sees even more success than ever.

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As long as he keeps his own political commentary out of it, I’m all for it. Not reining him in is how G-Reco happened.