New Assassin's Creed Board Game Has Miniatures, A Campaign And An Ezio Cameo

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In 2014, there was an Assassin’s Creed board game that wasn’t that great. In 2018, there’s a new one that will hopefully be a lot better.


That first effort, Arena, had its heart in the right place, but was a bit too abstract and poorly-presented to really nail the look and feel of the games. So the new effort, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood of Venice, is cutting straight to the heart of the series: story, stealth, close-range combat and assassination.

Players will take control of a Brotherhood in the year 1509, and make their way through a “20+ hours immersive campaign based on untold stories of the Venetian Brotherhood”, which takes place “during the Renaissance between the Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and Assassin’s Creed Revelations video games.”

The game will be playable either solo or with up to three friends cooperatively against an AI-controlled enemy.

Along the way there’ll be upgrades for characters and your HQ, while also working in a few cameos from the Ezio games like Leonardo da Vinci, Lucrezia Borgia and Ezio himself.

That all sounds cool, but what’s got me excited is that the game is being made by Triton Noir, who are not only behind the excellent V-Commandos—itself a game built around stealth and knives in the dark—but who also happen to have ex-Ubisoft guys working there which they say will ensure “that the DNA of the famous franchise will be respected.”


Unlike V-Commandos, which used cardboard tokens to represent characters, Brotherhood of Venice will include “dozens” of detailed miniatures, of both your Assassins and enemy targets and guards as well.

The game’s Kickstarter will launch in November.

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The game’s Kickstarter will launch in November.

I’m sure there’s a ton of precedent I’m not aware of but we’re really at this point? A kickstarter for a licensed game based on a wildly successful franchise. Developed by a group of current and former employees of the franchise’s developer/publisher. This thing’s going to stock the shelves at every GameStop, Mind Games, LCBS, etc. and they need a kickstarter.

I guess my question is why, exactly, is Ubi not funding the development themselves? I mean, I guess it’s “pro-consumer” in that the odds of this one falling through are almost nil, you’ll buy in at a reduced cost (probably with some decent stretch goal bennies) but. . . my god, they’ve realized Kickstarter is a way to pre-pre-order a product.