With the phenomenal success of the Avengers still vibrating in the world's collective consciousness, the folks at LEGO sent a set of Avengers-themed LEGO Marvel Super Heroes bricks my way. So I spent several hours putting together a stop-motion video of the assembly of Earth's mightiest minifigs.

Is it me, or does the Black Widow look a little pale?

LEGO's care package contained set 6868, Hulk's Helicarrier Breakout, a set perfect for recreating a key scene from the hit movie. It's 389 pieces of pure LEGO goodness, including minifigs of Loki, Thor, Hawkeye, and a decidedly maxi-fig of good old Doc Bruce Banner. Ain't he unglamorous?

LEGO also provided set 4530, a skeletal-version of the Hulk similar to the Joker, Green Lantern and Batman figures released for the DC version of the Super Heroes line. Iron Man and Captain America are also available, and parts are interchangeable, so I could, if I were so inclined, create Bat-Hulk. Just saying.

And LEGO also sent me a minifig of Black Widow, normally only available in set 6869, Quinjet Aerial Battle. Unfortunately, I think my niece might have swiped her from my apartment, because she resembles LEGO Scarlett Johansson, with her cylindrical head and plastic hair. Take that, LEGO-thief!


It's not a total loss. Mega-Bloks Hello Kitty would probably make a better Avenger anyway.

Here's a quick mini-review for each of the main Avenger's mini-figs.

Iron Man: A bit bulky in the cranial region, but that's because the helmet flips open to reveal Sherlock Holmes. Comes with clear blue pieces to simulate repulsors and boot jets. He might be my favorite.


Captain America: Should have come with a helmet to cover the large circular reservoir atop his skull. The shield is lovely. Cap comes in set 6865, Captain America's Avenging Cycle. I own two of these. Still haven't put them together.

Black Widow (Actual): Really nice hair sculpt, plus the perfectly flat ass is anatomically correct.

Thor: I think LEGO got confused and made LEGO Kenneth Branagh in a blonde wig. Still, it works. Might be my favorite.


Marvel's Hawkeye: They have to call him Marvel's Hawkeye, because of trademark issues. Nice widow's peak. There might be innuendo in that statement.

Hulk: Okay, this one is my favorite. He's not technically a mini-fig, and I love LEGO for that. He's a massive plastic brute that requires those little tube-y LEGO bits to fasten his arms on.

Loki: The helmet is amazing, but the figure needs more Tom Hiddleston, particularly in the hair department.


So let's put this puppy together.

The set is technically two separate pieces. There's the little jet dealie Hawkeye is flying, and then there's the Hulk containment unit set. Both pieces contain hot ejection action, with the cockpit of the jet popping out and the front end of the containment cell falling off at the press of a level. Together they form one meaty $50 package that's smaller than it looks on the package, as is the case with every LEGO product ever made. associate]


The music in the video is "Five Fisherman" by Superpoze. It's not a very Avengery selection, more chill, but I've found in my adult life that nothing is quite as chill as putting together a LEGO set.

Unless you're taking pictures every other piece.


If I were to purchase only one LEGO Avengers set, this would be it. It's got the characters I care about (and Hawkeye), it's got great play potential, and it takes a couple of hours to assemble, making it perfect for those days you don't feel like going outside (weekdays; also weekends).

If I had to choose one more, I'd go with 6867, Cosmic Cube Escape, if just for the Iron Man.


Yeah, I bought that one too.

LEGO has done the Avengers a pretty good service in their Marvel Super Heroes line. I'd love to see the line expand beyond the current line-up of several Avengers sets and one token Wolverine piece, but for now I am utterly impressed by the faithfulness they've shown towards these iconic figures.


Now I'm off to Toys "R" Us to pick up the $70 Quinjet set so I can get Black Widow back on the team. Don't worry about Hello Kitty; she stays. Hawkeye, we need to talk.