Assassin's Creed Line Dancing Adds a Little Shake to New York's Comic-Con

New York Comic-Con's Just Dance 3 stage was always filled with an interesting mix of cosplayers, but these are my favorite: A dozen assassins from Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed line dancing to Sugarhill Gang's Jump On It with the help of Ubisoft's other major hit... Just Dance.


It's a tad long, but you should probably skip over to three minutes in to see the special guest appearance.

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I remember seeing a group of dancing assassins (dancassins?) at the Dance Central 2 booth at PAX, but instead of just a bunch of Ezios and Altairs there was one of each of the previous, Malik, (the guy who loses his arm in AC1, the cosplayer was in fact missing an arm or at least had it hidden) Claudia and Al Mualim. Really wish I'd had a camera for that.