Starting next week, game developer Jeremiah Slaczka will answer your questions here on Kotaku.

He just needs your questions, which you should ask him in comments section below.


Here is his official bio, so you know who you're talking to: "Best known for his multi-million unit selling franchises, Scribblenauts and Drawn to Life, Jeremiah focuses on creation of innovative new titles. His latest project, Hybrid, is due out this summer on XBLA."

So, yes, he makes games. Maybe you do, too! Or maybe you don't and just want to ask a game developer something. He suggests you ask about development, deals with publishers, how to break in to the industry, what/where to study, that kind of thing. Stuff aspiring game developers out there might want to know about.

Jeremiah will be answering questions monthly, starting next week with his debut column on Kotaku. Ask away... He'll pick the three best questions to answer.

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