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ASCII Doom Is A Shotgun Blast To The Eyeballs

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Meet possibly the best and worst way to play DOOM.

It’s a remake of DOOM in Unity, called 1337d00m. Dario Zubovic, who has released it for free on, calls it a “hacker’s version of the original DOOM”.

“It’s a parody of difficulty sliders in games,” Zubovic said over email, although the mod’s also a love letter to ASCII art. And the ASCII is the difficulty - the harder the difficulty, the larger each individual piece of text. Here’s “impossible” difficulty:


And easiest:


Sydney band Turtle Skull even produced fresh music for the mod, which isn’t bad for a self-imposed gamejam project UPDATE: The music is actually from Turtle Skull’s debut album. And being in Unity, you’ve got mouselook support off the bat as well. If you want to check Zubovic’s creation out, head to There’s Linux and OSX versions, too.