This week, a new exhibit opened at a Tokyo science museum. It looks so crappy.

Dubbed "Toilet!? Human Waste & Earth's Future," the exhibit centers around toilets and poop. Makes sense!


The exhibit shows different kinds of animal dookie as well as various shapes of human turds. As Excite News reports, there is a section on space toilets as well as toilets of the future. In the middle of the exhibit, there is a giant toilet slide.

[Photo: Pooprince]

The event's flier.

[GIF: Internet Museum]

Boy, this toilet looks pissed.

[Photo: hozming]

Don't forget to wear your turd hat!

[Photo: hozming]

Going down the slide.

[GIF: Internet Museum]

Yes, the slide magically turns grown adults into children! Amazing.

[Photo: Fujikawarakuza]

This toilet is covered with 72,000 rhinestones. Not sure how scientific that is, but whatever, sparkles!

[GIF: Internet Museum]

Well then.

[Photo: hozming]

Making a clay turd. As one does.

[Photo: hozming]

What is your feces like? The character in the middle is called "Super Unchi" or "Super Poop."

[GIF: Internet Museum]

Yes, yes, poop is a good way to measure health, I know. But geez, even if this is fake doodie, maybe don't have lunch beforehand.

[Photo: dramacreation]

Meeting the doo-doo ambassador.

It might be easy to dump on this exhibit as "odd," but toilets are damn important, which is something the exhibit covers. One part of it, for example, deals with how toilets and plumbing were impacted by the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011. This looks like a fun way to learn about things we take for granted. We should be thankful toilets exist!

And what better way to say that than a group of potties singing a song called "Thanks Toilet" (ありがトイレ or "arigatoire") at the end of the exhibit.

Watch the above clip to hear the song.

"Toilet!? Human Waste & Earth's Future" will be at the Miraikan in Tokyo's Odaiba until October 5.

東京で「トイレと排せつ」の展示会、体験型企画も [Excite News]

Top photo: yurachim

GIFS: Internet Museum

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