Safety is no laughing matter, particularly when it comes to a new console.

Which is why so many new PS4 owners flocked to Instagram this morning to show just how dedicated they are to both the rules of the road and their new hardware. Below are just a few examples of Playstation 4 consoles wearing seat belts.

user: Chunteezy

user: Sammmmy707

user: Dr408

user: comppamanny

user: Oneeyedcaptain

user: cuband1986

user: itouchbuttss

user: rickyhopes

user: therealchristos1

user: ivan_drago_

user: Jerry_yang89

user: vergara_mv10

user: jordystyl3

user: Muneebandstuff

user: xmuglezx

user: ajroberts1

user: jt_grimlock

user: scarletnefertiti

Of course, not everyone out there was a safe, seat belt-using PS4 owner. Some of them played fast and loose. Some of them were rebels:

user: foxtrot329er

user: surfman88

user: Juanito_type_s

user: OSXJDM

user: Vivas_CV

Remember, everybody: Always buckle up.

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