As Expected, Copyrighted Songs Are Disappearing From Guitar Hero: World Tour

Don't say we didn't warn you. Despite, well, warnings that they just wouldn't stand for anybody creating then sharing real songs over Guitar Hero: World Tour's song creation utility, people went ahead and did it anyway. During the game's first week on sale, the GH Tunes "store" was littered with recreations of game tunes like the theme to Mario. And the theme to Zelda. You get the idea. Well, those are now gone. And the others that are still there - like tunes from Final Fantasy and Sonic - probably won't be there much longer, either. Our advice? Get creative with those song titles. "Sonic Theme" is no good. But "Baby Stole My Heart And Stashed It In Green Hill Zone"? More subtle. Might get in under the radar. ‘Mario,’ ‘Zelda’ Tunes Deleted From ‘Guitar Hero’ Music-Sharing Service [MTV]


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