Guy Finds Turok, NBA Jam Source Code On Auctioned Computers

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Source code is among some of the most valuable finds that archivists can make. Thanks to some auction purchases, one preservationist now has the code for Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and NBA Jam Extreme.


Last month, the folks at SiliconClassics got their hands on workstations and discs from Acclaim Entertainment. The company went bankrupt in 2004, with assets sold at auction. Among the data on those stations was the source code for Nintendo 64 first person shooter/fog simulator Turok: Dinosaur Hunter.

A new discovery has unearthed what appears to be the source code for NBA Jam Extreme a 3-D entry in the popular basketball franchise. The files seem to indicate that the project was known by the odd codename “Squid.” An additional copy of Turok’s source code was also found.

As companies fold and data storage deteriorates, it is harder and harder to preserve games either in their original state or remasters. SiliconClassics claims that Nightdive Studios CEO has expressed interest in the source code. Kotaku has reached out to Nightdive Studios for more information.

Dev kits and data often find their way to auction. Finding important source code or lost projects helps keep game history alive. Finds like this give insight to game development including cut features or design trick used in making the games. Who knows, the next time there’s an auction, maybe you’ll find something special hidden on the hard drive.

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As a reminder, no NBA Jam released after TE and before the EA reboot is an NBA Jam game. It may be called NBA Jam, sure, but only because Acclaim bought the name due in large part to how well the console versions they published sold- and then proceeded to make extremely (pun intended) mediocre games using the name. In other words, they bought the name to trick people into buying games that’d otherwise probably be ignored. Other than some non-sim options, they’re Jam in name only. Even Acclaim’s College Slam is more of an NBA Jam game, frankly.

NBA Hangtime & NBA Showtime are the true progeny of NBA Jam, as they were made by Midway much as the original 2 games. Hangtime is easily the pinnacle of the series, and so much better than what Acclaim shat out in that era.