No, this image isn't another in a long line of otherworldly NBA 2K15 face glitches—though I wouldn't blame you for thinking that. It's from an "interactive installation" that sounds like it was engineered to make terrifying facial animation glitches. In other words: it's the world's scariest character creator.

The exhibit is known as "Chameleon," and was made by Sehsucht, an animation and visual effects company based in Berlin and Hamburg for an art and design conference this year. A video of the thing in action describes it as a way to allow the audience to "modulate the characters and dive into a world between reality and virtuality."

"With the movement of hands and body the characters are brought to life and are given their own individual look and behaviour," the description continues. "There are no limits to the viewer's creativity." It's intended to address "alienation and identity," and raise "the question of self-awareness and introspection in a world of post-privacy."

So, again: pretty much NBA 2K15's face-scanning tech, but much, much scarier. Or, at least intentionally so. I mean, just look at these monsters:


Here's the full video. The beginning is particularly juicy:


via The Creators Project

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