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Arnold Schwarzenegger Has Killed 509 People. Here They All Are.

From his first appearance in 1969's Hercules in New York to the present day, Arnold Schwarzenegger has killed 509 people/animals/things on the silver screen. And you can see every last one in this video.


OK, so things start a little vague, but once we hit Conan it becomes a lot clearer just when someone's ticket's been punched.

Understandably, Commando features heavily.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Kill Count [YouTube, via Laughing Squid]

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I recently got into an argument at work about Arnold being my favorite actor. Whomever I was arguing with said I was stupid and should find a legitimate actor. My argument was that I'm usually not let down when it comes to an Arnold film. I know I'm going to turn off my brain and watch shit blow up for an hour plus. And, you know what? I really enjoy doing that.

They then went on to ask what my five favorite movies ever were. This list may not be entirely accurate but this was my answer.





5.Kindergarten Cop