Army of Two: The 40th Day will expand its cooperative gameplay hook with "Morality Moments," moral decisions that players will have to make together. An interesting twist on a familiar tactic. What's interesting is what EA's doing with that data.

Reid Schneider and Alex Hutchinson, executive producer and creative director for Army of Two: The 40th Day spoke about the moral choices that will affect the co-op shooter at Comic-Con, showing how decisions will affect the story line. There will be numerous "good" and "evil" choices players can make, which EA will be tracking and publishing, pitting American players against European players in a battle of who's more "moral."

Schneider said the Army of Two team will be tracking those choices via its Telemetry software, which provides feedback based on what people are doing in the game. (We understand that players can opt out of having Telemetry track their game progress.)

"We're curious to see who's more moral, America or Europe," said Schneider."We're going to dig that up, then put that information out 40 days after the game is out."


Hutchinson says that when E3 attendees were polled on which decision to go with during Army of Two: The 40th Day demos "it was 100% evil." Sounds like we're off to a bad start.