Armin Van Buuren Gets His Own DJ Game

The relentless march of DJ rhythm games continues, as TransGaming launches their new development studio with Armin van Buuren – In the Mix for the Nintendo Wii.

Perhaps best known for enabling PC games to play on the Mac, TransGaming now enters the full-on game development biz, partnering with Foreign Media Games on Armin van Buuren – In the Mix. Calling it "the ultimate DJ experience", TransGaming reveals little about their first title in the official announcement other than the involvement of the Dutch trance DJ and host of A State of Trance, the most listened to radio show in the world, with 30 million listeners in more than 40 countries.


It's nice to see TransGaming branching out into console development, but with DJ Hero, Scratch, and DJ Star for the DS in the works, they could have picked a less competitive genre to dive into.

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