Call it Call of Duty fatigue, call it a longing appreciation for what Bohemia Interactive is doing with this series, but every time I see new footage from upcoming military sim ArmA 3 I get a little weaker around the knees.


Military shooters, done well, are a guilty pleasure of mine, being a child of 1980s action movies and all. But as series like Call of Duty become ever more linear and explosive, and as every other series tries to be more like Call of Duty, they become less about the wars they're set in and more about making music videos with guns in them.

So, ArmA 3! It's not like that. It's open world. It now has two islands, this "small" one (still around 19km2) and a main landmass that's 300km2 in size. Both are entirely open, and both will be home to a game that tries to properly simulate war, with instant death only ever a single stray bullet away.


Which is exciting, yeah, but it also helps the game looks gorgeous.

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