Arkham Knight Is Full Of Amazing Staging

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The newest episode of YouTube show Boundary Break jumps behind the scenes of Arkham Knight. It shows off how great the staging of the game is.

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There are lots of spoilers about Arkham Knight in this video.

When I write “staging,” I mean it in the theatrical sense. While every game requires its developers to manage where objects are and what players are able to see at any given moment, moving the camera around in Arkham Knight reveals some clever placements that allowed for the game’s mind-bending narrative reveals to work really, really well.

For example, the different character placements that happen in order to create the game’s opening hallucination scene is inspired, and using the controlled first-person camera to radically change things the player cannot see is both predictable and used to really great effect.


And when the Joker finally appears in the game again, he spawns with a kind of reverse burn effect, literally popping out of nowhere in order to be very, very close to the camera.

The (regrettable) Oracle scene that happens late in the game is also inspired in its staging. It doesn’t really use any tricks as Joker walks in front of the camera. The staging of the scene has a theatrical flair that you could reproduce in a stage play with a little bit of fast acting, and that gives the final scene a kind of living flair.

The video also does the Boundary Break standard stuff of finding things hidden in the big spaces of the levels. And, of course, there are things to find: the entirety of Gotham City, for example, and a movie camera. Just in case you need one of those.

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Mortal Dictata

For a game that was so great technically and standout in performances it’s always a shame the writing was... well shit, frankly.