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This year's Game Developers Conference was, as is often the case, quite a bit of fun.


It was packed with opportunities to sit down and talk with the people behind some of the greatest games, past, present and future. This year, though, it was also quite loaded up with the chance to play soon-to-be-released games. Sure, most were under embargo, but by now almost all of those embargoes have been lifted.

Here's a run down of what games we previewed at the big show:

Dexter iPhone Does Interesting Things
Wolfenstein Preview: Into the Veil
Excitebots Trick Racing Preview: Excite Trucks Gets a Make Over
Section 8 Preview: Death From Above
Punch-Out!! Preview: Slick, Punchy Design
Boom Blox Bash Party Preview: Slingshots Ahoy
Terminator Salvation Preview: Please Don't Come Back
Batman Arkham Asylum Preview: The Challenge Modes
America's Army 3 Preview: Army of One... Plus Two


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